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UKIYO(n) literally "the floating world" - living in the moment, detached from the bothers of life.

About Lauren Corbin

I’m a portraiture photographer, I take pictures of people.
My friends would describe me as animated, congenial, approachable, but you can decide that for yourself when we meet.
My goal is to show the beauty, grace, strength and enthusiasm of people. I focus on non-models and place regular people in exaggerated situations that highlight an aspect of who they are. I look for a sense of defiance and fortitude in my work. I was transparent long before it was hip to be so, and I believe deeply in teamwork, community, and collaboration.

I Believe

  • In the healing power of ice cream and chocolate.

  • In singing at the top of your voice if that's what makes you happy.

  • In that, if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.

  • In board game nights with friends or family.

Head Photographer - Lauren Corbin

Head Photographer - Lauren Corbin

Second Shooter and Assistant - Eder Nieto

Second Shooter and Assistant - Eder Nieto



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