One thing I truly enjoy about being a wedding photographer is that there are always new, interesting situations to adapt to, and in those situations, beautiful moments to capture. Weddings are vibrant celebrations of love which I candidly capture the essence of through my photography so these moments can be experienced in lovely glimpses again and again. I believe that if I can remain unobtrusive as your wedding photographer, I can memorialize your playful, joyful, and beautiful celebration as the moments arise naturally. To best capture the moments, I strive to allow myself to be engulfed by them. 

The excitement of your wedding can sometimes be overwhelming for a happy couple, and feel like a haze to them afterwards. Some photographers feel intimidated by weddings because of the high pressure to capture the raw emotions of the day. This may inadvertently cause you to feel their anxiety in the moment, or their nervous energy to be present in their photos of the moment. Personally, I do not feel this pressure because I am an observer, but also a subtle partaker in your beautiful day. I capture beautiful moments on the dance floor, by engaging in a dance with all the guests myself, and getting lovely close-range pictures as a result. I believe that this self-inclusion is the beauty and the artistry in what I do.

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